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Video Project Description

Creating a brand film is as easy as getting your key team players on camera. In this brand film for Velocity Merchant Services, we hear stories from the owner, account managers, and CEO. The owner starts off the video by telling her story of opening and running the business out of her parent’s basement when she was only nineteen years old. The account managers take the stage after that, talking about how they work with their customers to help them and find solutions that actually solve their problems. The CEO ends the video by talking about what customers can expect to find at VMS, which is Price, Product, and Service coming together.

Interviewing your employees on camera is an easy way to get material to use for a brand film. Allowing your team to do the talking for your business means the human element of the brand is actually holding a conversation with your potential customers. Through a brand film, businesses build trust and rapport with their customer. In a brand film like this one, potential customers gather information as well as get a sense of who they will be working with once they call a business. Customers want to know more about your team, they even search for this on your website. When visitors land on a webpage, there is a high chance they click on the “About Us” page and read to learn more about the business as well as the team that keeps it running.

Regardless of your goals for video – start by getting it on camera first. Once Vanilla Video films your event or a simple day at the office, we deliver raw footage to you. We always suggest to just film it, and worry about editing later on. Once you have various pieces of raw footage, Vanilla Video can create a dynamic brand film or promotional video for your video marketing purposes.

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