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Video Project Description

This couple shares their first kiss as husband and wife after an outdoor ceremony with beautiful weather in the Chicagoland area. After the officiant announces the couple husband and wife, their guests clap and cheer as they kiss. The camera begins zoomed in on the couple and then zooms out showing the bridal party as well as some of the guests.

This is an example of a Vanilla Clip pulled from hours of a raw footage gathered at a wedding. Weddings are hours-long events, and we typically deliver between 30-50% of the coverage time as raw footage. While this leaves plenty of fun watching material – sometimes your friends just want you to skip to the good stuff. When you select the Vanilla Clips editing option, we do all of the sifting for you and pull out the most memorable clips of the day. This way, you can easily watch and share with your friends and family.

Vanilla Video is here for you – we want to help everyone build a collection of memorable videos to look back on as they grow older. Family dynamics change, children grow up, your grandparents pass away – your wedding is one of the best times to capture everyone together on video before something changes. Vanilla Video is here for everything you love, from your wedding night to your child’s first birthday party. We can film any event – as short as thirty minutes, to up to ten hours. We are not here to make art or a movie out of the special moments in your life, rather we are here to capture the content of your big days for you to remember for years to come.

When it comes to your wedding, Vanilla Video always recommends to film as much as possible. We are not interested in turning your special day into a portfolio piece for our own purposes, rather – we are here to capture every detail so you can always look back and see exactly what your wedding day was like. Our goal is to stay true to heart and real, no matter what.

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