Healthy and Delicious Breakfast Smoothie Recipe Video

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Video Project Description

This two minute video teaches viewers how to make a leafy green, yet delicious breakfast smoothie for a family to enjoy. The demonstrator starts by adding prepped fruits and vegetables into a large blender. She includes avocados, leafy greens, bananas, strawberries, raspberries as well as flax seeds. As she places each item into the blender she gives a little tip; such as waiting to make sure avocados are ripe and easy to scoop out and letting viewers know to push the ingredients down to make sure everything fits in easily. Adding these little tid-bits of information allow the viewer to feel more prepared before trying to make the smoothie themselves. After watching this video, they know what kinds of ingredients to include as well as the type of blender that works best.

This recipe video takes place right in the demonstrator’s home kitchen. No fancy studio or even kitchen gadgets necessary. The chef uses items that she already has in her kitchen, making this video simple to prepare for and create. Rather than using narration or motion graphics, we recorded the smoothie being made from start to finish. This approach to a recipe video mirrors what most audiences see on cooking television shows. Regardless of the format, a video like this one is easy to share anywhere online.

The video ends with the demonstrator serving a smoothie by pouring some into a pretty glass and adding some zero calorie sweetener. She stirs everything together with a pink straw and takes a sip. “What a delicious breakfast,” she says after taking a sip. Incorporating personal details into your business video production is always welcomed. This is a great way to strengthen your brand’s story, whether it involves using a space your audience is familiar with seeing (in this case a kitchen) or taking care of the small details like using a cute glass and straw to add a personal touch to the smoothie.

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