Small Cake Cutting Ceremony Single Camera Wedding Video

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Video Project Description

The bride and groom work together to cut a piece out of a small chocolate cake. They laugh as they carefully work together to remove a piece without dropping it onto the table. Their families cheer them on, “Teamwork! That’s what marriage is, right?” someone shouts out. Advice continues to abound from the crowd as the couple feed each other bites of cake. “Trust! Remember the trust!” and one last exclamation, “Well at one point you have to just give up…” trying to be so perfect that is!

What makes this moment special is the fact that it isn’t perfect. Vanilla Video captured flawless audio and video footage of the bride and groom and their families watching them cut their cake. This cake cutting ceremony is intimate and everyone is able to watch from nearby rather than across a dance floor. The bride and groom share kisses and sweet cake, the shot closes with someone saying, “You guys are too cute.”

This video is a perfect example of being able to see and hear what is going on during a particular moment at a wedding reception. Though a single camera focuses on the bride and groom as they cut their cake, the guests reactions can be heard throughout the video. While the guests were not fitted with microphones, we were able to capture the sound right through the camera. We pride ourselves in having the best gear to capture your special day, and we will not come to a shoot without all of our equipment. Our professional videographers are trained to follow a procedure for every shoot, this ensures high quality video and audio.

We care so much about getting flawless audio and those genuine reactions from guests captured because we film the truth, right as it happens. We want you to be able to look back on your day years from now and truly feel like you are reliving those special moments again. We do not film to create a montage that cuts out all the audio. These candid moments are some of the best parts of the day, and we want to capture them for you. Vanilla Video is here to help make getting your wedding day on video easy and affordable, every wedding is important and we are honored to work with hundreds of couples every year

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