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Video Project Description

Many musicians find video an excellent promotional tool for their music business – when it comes to video production, it’s easy to come up with an idea that might cost thousands of dollars to make. When using video as a promotional tool to present your band for live gigs across the Chicagoland area, a simple recording of your band playing is sufficient – this way your music can speak for itself.

This Jazz Trio invited Vanilla Video to film one of their practice sessions in a studio, ensuring a nice clean sound. Our videographer plugged the group’s mics right into our camera – creating a flawless audio file to place behind the video footage. With the sound taken care of using microphones, the videographer is able to grab a variety of shots including close ups of the musicians playing their instruments.

Beyond using video for promotional purposes, musicians use video recording of their performances to analyze their strengths and weaknesses as an individual, or a group. Watching videos is important for growth and improvement as an artist – professional videography makes it easy to look back on performances and studio recordings. While you perform, it’s nearly impossible to analyze your playing. This is why musicians warm up before they get on stage and check their sound between songs. A video recording of a performance allows artists to dig in to their art – they can pause, play, rewind until they truly understand all of the areas they need to improve on.

Once a musician or band makes a promotional music video, it is easy to share with their managers, gig leads, and even with their fans. Without music videos, it is hard for fans to share your music with their friends – many people listen to music through music videos online, rather than buying records and CDs. With a promotional music video, musicians can share their art while trying to land their next gig or to reach more fans online.

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