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Video Project Description

A sport largely hyped by students of Latin American and European descent – soccer is a big deal in Chicago. Fields line every major road, and are often tucked away among large buildings. Commuters on weekend trains turn into momentary onlookers as they watch players move back and forth across the field, the ball trading loyalty from team to team.

Regardless of the pace of any sport, Vanilla Video is ready to film. Our professional sports videographers show up and film any sport, prepared with the best in videography gear and technique. Cameras used for sports videography projects are capable of 10x zoom which means even if there is nowhere for the videographer to stand except at the top of the bleachers or corner of the field, we will be able to get a clear view of both teams and all the action. We only film sports in high definition, 60p meaning every shot will be easy to see and nearly free of any blur. Our sports videographers are as passionate about sports as they are about videography, they follow a documentary-style filming method that never skips a second of action and allows for easy viewing after the game. This sample was filmed by a single videographer from the top of the bleachers at a city high school soccer game. As the action builds, fans cheer on their team – unfortunately the white team’s shot misses the goal and the ball goes back into action.

Having video footage of a single game or several throughout a sports season allows coaches and players to have a visual reference for their strengths and shortcomings as a team. With video, coaches can closely review every second of the game and provide suggestions for players at the next practice. After seeing themselves on video, players understand what they need to do to improve before facing their next opponent. Video is also a great way to measure improvement and track bad habits – after becoming aware of the consequences of bad habits on the field, players typically do everything possible to improve as the season progresses. Without video, many young athletes have a hard time visualizing what they look like as they play and do not understand what they need to do in order to improve their technique. While video makes a great keepsake for parents and their kids, having video of sports performance makes a big difference in a team’s overall performance throughout a season.

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