XRT Shamrock and Roll Live Broadcast Music Video

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Video Project Description

Vanilla Video created a music video out of footage from Chicago Radio Station XRT’S live broadcast at the Mystic Celt for St. Patrick’s Day. What better way for a radio station to share footage from their live event than with a music video? The video featured Freddy Jones Band’s single “Those Diamonds” playing behind footage of the crowd enjoying their time celebrating St. Patrick’s Day at Chicago hotspot, the Mystic Kelt.

The video is bookended by audio taken from the announcer’s mic, allowing for a personal XRT touch to the video, and adding details to the video such as the name of the event and the year it took place. Videos like this one work great online, on social media and beyond. Though XRT ordered the video, it makes for great material for everyone involved, including the event sponsor, the event venue, and the performing artist. Sharing marketing collateral with vendors and partners after an event is a great way to strengthen relationships on and offline.

Montages are a great way to add a touch of flair to any event video footage. This style of editing brings energy and fun to any video. Our editors love to give each project their creative touch without taking away from what actually happened at an event. Whenever there is live music involved, Vanilla Video plugs right in to the sound system to capture flawless audio. While we have access to a huge library of music, using music from an event ensures the edited montage matches the feel of an event.

While creating a montage, Vanilla Video editors select the best moments of an event to highlight. Of course, we love working and taking direction from our clients. We always welcome suggestions and want to make sure we put a customer’s favorite moment in the montage whenever possible. Regardless of a customer’s plans or goals for a video in the future, we always recommend that customers begin with just getting an event on video first. Editing and montages can always be ordered and created later. Events are a great place to start in building a business’s digital video asset library which can be referenced in the future to create a series of brand films or promotional videos.

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