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Video Project Description

Susie Romans is an online entrepreneur specializing in coaching other women in running their 6-figure freedom businesses all from home. Her brand video is made up of footage from a previous shoot as well as new footage of her telling her story right before one of her group coaching events at a hotel near her home. Recycling footage not only saves time and money, it enhances branding – reinforcing key pieces from a brand story to the audience by showing them again.

This brand video begins with footage from live events of Susie Romans doing what she does best – coaching others. Susie begins to tell her story after a montage of very short clips from her live events. After she gives more information about how she started, she gives more information about her products and how they work. She talks about her coaching services as well as her online courses, stating these make it easier to take on different types of work at various levels rather than working at a fixed dollars per hour rate.

In order to bring living proof into her success story, the video also includes live testimonials from clients who attended her live coaching session. Every testimonial covers a different aspect of Susie Romans and her business. Rather than speaking for herself, the testimonials enhance the message that Susie has already shared – anyone can do it. Her testimonials come from a diverse group of women that only share one thing – success.

The video ends with more from Susie. As she speaks, shots of her everyday life are the focus on the video. She gives more secrets to her success, and finally ends her video with stating, “If I can do it, anyone can.” The last shot of Susie speaking fades away into a white screen with her logo in the center, which serves as just one last branding reminder to the viewer.

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