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Video Project Description

When Vanilla Video professionally records a sporting event like this football game, we capture a lot of footage. While players and their coaches want to review their performance after a game as soon as possible, it can be cumbersome to sift through all of that extra footage. Vanilla Video is prepared with the editing capacity to create a trimmed edit of the entire game so the team can easily review how they played. In this case, Vanilla Video took a forty minute game and trimmed it down to half the time. This allows the coach to quickly watch the video and analyze the plays to create an improvement plan with his team.

Sporting events typically require one of our professional sports videographers to film continuously, this way all of the action is captured and there isn’t a single second missing. However, this usually results in extra footage that is good to have for nostalgic purposes, but it’s not really useful for the coach right away. This dilemma is easily solved by a quick trimmed edit, which results in a video of just the good parts. Of course, we still deliver every second of raw footage.

Video serves as a great tool for coaches, parents, and young athletes alike. This sample is an example of a trimmed edit the coach requested for training purposes. After receiving the final edits, the coach sat down with his team and went over their strengths and weaknesses. Over the course of a season – training sessions spent going over video and discussing what the team needs to work on allows the team to understand exactly what they should be doing to get better and win more games. High school athletes also use video gathered during sporting events to create a recruiting video sent to college coaches. Typically, high school seniors place an order to Vanilla Video to record several games throughout their season, afterwards an editor strings together shots of the player’s best performances throughout the season. Parents also love recording their children’s sporting events because it gives them something to look back on as their children grow and change. Sports are a huge part of many young athlete’s lives – having these moments on video mean they can look back at any time, whether or not they become professional athletes.

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