Wedding Ring Exchange Single Camera Trimmed Edit Wedding Video

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Video Project Description

In this wedding video, the officiant is off-camera as the couple exchange their rings. This is the last part of the ceremony prior to being announced as husband and wife. The camera is able to capture the couple as they exchange their rings and finally share their first kiss. Their guests laugh and cheer while throwing flower petals above the newlyweds.
Weddings are big events – it’s natural for the bride and groom to be a little nervous while exchanging their vows. Vanilla Video videographers capture it all when they film weddings and ceremonies, allowing couples and their families to relive the day for years to come. This video is an example of a trimmed edit shot with a single camera. The edit allows the video to go from exchanging rings to being announced husband and wife. Any editing including trimmed edits and Vanilla clips can always be ordered after a wedding is captured on video. We always advise customers to film as much as possible and worry about editing in the future. Trimmed edits and wedding montages make great anniversary gifts.

Vanilla Video films weddings documentary style in order to capture as many details as possible. We deliver raw footage of the entire day, allowing couples to look back on every moment, with professional audio included. Many wedding videography companies solely focus on getting the visual aspects of the day, however we find the audio to be just as important as the video. Our professional videographers come equipped with everything they need to capture a wedding on video, and that includes audio.

We are here to help you make the most out of your wedding video. We can help you build a package that works for your event and your budget. We are the only video company in Chicago that offers split coverage for weddings, which helps couples who may have some space between the ceremony and their reception.

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