Chicago Golden Hour Boys’ Soccer Game Sports Videography

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Video Project Description

Goal! Making that shot required some serious hustle, number 16 pulled through and made a shot for the white team. Not only can viewers see the fast paced action of the players on the screen, cheering fans add to the anticipation of the intense game. When Vanilla Video comes to film a sports event, we capture more than the action on the field. Our videographers always come fully prepared for just about anything, and are able to deliver a sports video that looks and sounds great.

We film every sports event that minimizes blur and maximizes clarity by using a higher frame rate. When Vanilla Video comes to film your child’s soccer game, parents and friendly fans can watch the game without worrying about filming any hall-of-fame moments. Many adults look back on their time as a young athlete fondly, even if they never go on to play beyond high school. Having these moments on video means anyone can always look back and watch themselves in their prime, while also sharing with family and friends.

Single camera sports videography projects are typically filmed from the bleachers to ensure the videographer can get a full view of all the action. This sample is a single camera shoot from the bleachers. Some sports teams elect to have two videographers present at their sports games, this will typically involve an additional angle closer to the players. Using multiple videographers results in a larger amount of raw footage to use for editing into a montage, trimmed edit, or college recruitment video.

Creating college recruitment videos is easy with Vanilla Video. As long as we have raw footage from a few games, training sessions, scrimmages, or practices – we can string together a college recruitment video that displays a student athlete’s abilities. We have created several recruitment videos in the past and have a clear understanding of what college coaches look for when watching recruitment videos.

Regardless of your needs for a sports video, Vanilla Video is prepared with quality gear and experienced professionals that love getting field action on camera to enjoy for years to come.

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