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Video Project Description

The crowd at the ice rink goes wild as young hockey player #88 intercepts the puck from the defending team and makes a shot. The puck surpasses the goalie and the point goes to the red and white team. Together everyone on the team celebrates while still on the ice – the shot has won them the game! The buzzer goes off and everyone crowds around #88 to congratulate him.

Sports videography is great for two reasons – one, for gathering in-game action footage that coaches can use to train their athletes and two, for being able to watch those winning shots again and again for years to come. Videos are versatile – they can be used as a tool, or simply for nostalgic purposes. A video like this one would sure make a graduation or 18th birthday party fun. Vanilla Video always shoots fast paced subjects, such as sporting events in high definition 60p, which helps eliminate the blur of hockey players as they skate across the ice.

While coaches can decide to film anywhere from one to every game in a season – using video makes a difference in players’ techniques and sportsmanship. As they continue training and learning throughout the season, using recorded footage allows coaches and players to compare their performances. A coach can always use video to remind players of important topics – video can be played as many times as it takes for players to get something right.

At the end of a season of filming games, many coaches or parents come to Vanilla Video requesting a video montage of season highlights. These videos are fun to watch by coaches, players, and parents alike – they are easy to share among team mates and family members, so even if Grandma couldn’t make it to the season championships, she can still watch the whole game on any device she chooses.

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