NanoSmoothing Treatment at Chicago’s Huetiful Salon

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Video Project Description

A promotional video about the nanoSmoothing treatment at Chicago’s Huetiful™ Salon. In this video, the Creative Director of Huetiful™ Salon describes the benefits of the nanoSmooth treatment. Any viewer is able to learn more about the treatment just by watching this simple video.

The Creative Director makes the video more personal to the viewer by introducing herself, and by speaking directly to the viewer. Her questions provoke them to think more about their hair and how they feel when using their current products. It’s true that many women use products that promise stronger hair with less split ends and breakage, yet still experience these problems. By talking about these facts, Nina shows that she understands the common problem many women have with their hair, as well as with their children’s hair. Right from the start of the video, the Creative Director makes it clear that this service is great for adults and children as well.

After making it clear that Huetiful™ Salon understands the problem – damaged hair that seems impossible to repair, Nina begins to describe how the nanoSmoothing treatment works. She explains that it is the ultimate strengthening and conditioning treatment, making at-home styling easier. She also explains that the treatment provides frizz resistance and reduces the amount of time and heat it takes to straighten hair leading to less heat damage.

The spokeswoman is clear about how to maximize the results of the nanoSmoothing treatment by explaining that using Huetiful™ Salon’s products, the benefits of the service can be seen for 8-12 weeks. Nina also explains that the hair’s true texture is revealed, and not eliminated by the premium hair treatment.

Once she has educated the viewer on the positive benefits of the nanoSmoothing system at Huetiful™ Salon, the spokeswoman gives the viewer a call to action. She tells the viewer how they can learn even more about the service, as well as how they can book a consultation online.

This video features b-roll and footage of hair stylists in action right inside of Huetiful™ Salon. A majority of the video is spent showing details and shots of different areas of the salon. The Creative Director introduces the video right in front of the camera and then fades away to let the salon take the focus. Her voiceover continues throughout the video, allowing customers to learn more about the nanoSmoothing treatment, while seeing what it is like to receive a service at Huetiful™ Salon in Chicago.

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