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Video Project Description

Vanilla Video captured b-roll footage, speakers, as well as testimonials from attendees at the Mentice User Meeting event. The interviewees positive comments and feedback about the user meeting gave more information about why the event was valuable as well as what people can expect as attendees in the future. Mentice is a technology company that creates simulation tools for medical students and trainees.

Using interviews at an event is a great way to make the most out of a Vanilla Video event production. While we gather a great deal of footage from the event to show what happened, who was there, and how things look – using real people’s voices makes it easy to use the footage to promote upcoming events or even products and services. While attendees are customers rather than employees or brand representatives, their positive testimonials for the event and the simulation product shows viewers that Mentice is a solution for medical training.

Businesses know they are doing something right when their customers can sell their products and services for them. This is exactly what happens in an effective testimonial video. The customers show viewers who this product is for, why it works well, and what they can expect from Mentice in the future. The b-roll footage in the video works to strengthen Mentice’s brand as it is represented by speakers and the simulation product itself.

With any video, editing is always optional and can be ordered at a later date. In many cases, Vanilla Video shows up to film and is contacted in the future for editing once a customer has reviewed the footage and has a better idea or goal in mind for a brand film or promotional video. Once we film a video, all of the raw footage belongs completely to the customer. With every video, a company grows their digital asset library which can be used to create unique videos for years to come. Rather than being redundant, companies use key video elements to strengthen their brand’s ideals with every video they share online.

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