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Video Project Description

Tossing the wedding bouquet is an age old tradition that many single women look forward to when they attend a wedding reception. While the trend is becoming to nix the bouquet toss, several brides continue to celebrate the tradition and have fun with their young guests. In this wedding video, the bouquet tosses the bouquet a little bit too far – instead of being caught by a young, single girl standing on the dance floor it lands in the grip of an older uncle. The crowd laughs and cheers at this fun moment. Vanilla Video caught it all on video, making it possible to watch and remember for years to come.

Ordering Vanilla Clips alongside wedding day coverage is a popular editing option many couples and their family enjoy. At the end of your wedding day, we have hours of raw footage. While it is fun to sit and watch the whole event as it happened, having some clips to fast forward to make it easy to get to your favorite parts. We comb through all of the raw footage and pull out memorable moments such as the vows, the first kiss, the recessional, as well as special moments such as the bridal bouquet toss.

We film hundreds of weddings every year – our team comes equipped to ensure all of the special moments get caught on camera. We communicate with the DJ and photographer to ensure we are on the same page as everyone else so all you have to worry about is enjoying your day with your guests. Whether you follow every tradition or decide to skip a few, our videographers stay on top of the action to ensure we capture as much of your day as possible. One rule of thumb we like to follow is to try to capture every guest at least once, while also focusing on the bride and groom. This way we are able to capture those fun, unplanned candid moments as well. Without video, a special occasion turns into a memory as soon as it’s over. With Vanilla Video, couples and their guests can watch footage from their day over and over for years to come.

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