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Video Project Description

Vanilla Video offers the best professional sports videography in the Chicagoland area. Our trained sports videographers show up and film any sport – from toddler t-ball to varsity basketball. We come prepared for the most intense action, always filming sports in high-definition,60p – to eliminate blur as players run across the court and throw the ball from player to player. Based on editing needs and requirements, we deliver the project online within 7 days – ready for coaches and players to review to work on an improvement strategy before their next game.

Videos are an incredible tool for athletes of all levels – being able to see themselves perform on video allows them to understand what they actually look like while playing. If the coach finds himself constantly repeating the same directions – a video allows his team to understand why. Many students learn visually in the classroom and their learning preferences follow them to basketball practice and beyond. This sample shows a multi-camera edit of a play during a varsity basketball game. The primary camera positioned in the upper bleachers captured a wide shot, framing the entire team in a single take. Cameras capable of 10x zoom allow our videographers to get decent shots out of the bleachers, which is where we are commonly positioned for sports games. A secondary camera courtside captured closer angles of the players as they handle the ball. This shooter can take riskier shots and typically gets a closer view of the ball. Using two cameras to film a basketball game means the team gets double the footage. With extra editing, delivery times may be slightly longer than a single camera shoot – however the team ends up with a variety of angles to review.

Sports are a major activity in any student’s life – whether they are on the team, cheering on the sidelines, or leading the section of super-fans. While our sports videographers come to film games with a particular goal or direction from coaches and parents, we typically capture all of the extra fun that happens – especially at high school varsity level games. With two cameras filming the event, there is tons of footage to share with the team as well as all the students present at the game. While video is an incredible tool, it is also an awesome way to preserve memories. Going to basketball games is a fun part of being in high school, Vanilla Video makes it possible to remember those nights in the gym, cheering on the team.

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