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Video Project Description

Many bands today use music videos to promote their band online. From their websites, to email, to social media – videos are easy to share with a large number of people. Using a recording from a live performance is a great way to promote your band to a venue. With a video of your live performance they are able to get a better sense of what you sound like as well as the audience’s reaction to your show. Giving them a video lets them see every aspect of having a live music event at their restaurant or bar.

Vanilla Video makes creating a professional music video easy, especially if we come to a live performance or two. Our documentary style filming technique captures the band and the atmosphere. We can plug into the sound system to record the band as they play so the band can be heard over the crowd. At a live band performance Vanilla Video gathers a variety of dynamic shots to edit together into a video later on down the road. These typically include the band setting up or tearing down, the audience dancing, as well as various members of the band as they play.

Footage from live performances can be used in a variety of ways. In addition to creating a music video from a particular song, bands can choose to make shorter promo videos featuring clips from different songs or venues. Using footage and audio from a live performance is also a great way to promote an upcoming album release or event. To keep videos short and watchable, the band can choose to use a portion of a song rather than the whole song. Vanilla Video can edit lyrics in motion graphics over a video, and include outro cards giving viewers more information about an album release or event.

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