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Video Project Description

There’s a lot of action on a lacrosse field and in a heated game it can be easy to lose track of the ball. While every parent wants video of their young athletes playing their favorite sport, it can be difficult to cheer on your player while filming with a handheld camera or smart phone. Professionals sports videography by Vanilla Video ensures all the action is captured in high definition, 60p. This means the sports videographer gets all the good stuff, without any blur. In this sample, it is apparent that the videographer maintains focus on the ball while panning across the field to capture all the action on video.

The ball gets passed among three lacrosse players before landing in the net for a goal. Once the shot is made, the crowd in the bleachers stands up to cheer. This is why the shot gets a little jumpy as most sports videographers film from a position in the bleachers. While filming various sports, our sports videographers get shots of players and fans celebrating as well as a view of the scoreboard. This helps players and coaches when reviewing footage after a game.

No matter how action packed a game is, professional sports videography is the way to go for coaches, players, and parents to get it on film. With video, coaches and players can watch footage and review their skills. Even after a big win, it is important to identify weaknesses before the next game. Another great advantage of filming games is for seniors to collect footage for college athletic recruiting videos. Once we have footage, it is always possible to request editing later on. We can also use footage gathered from other sources to edit together a professional college athletic program application. Regardless of the end goal, having footage of athletic events is a useful tool for coaches, players, and parents alike.

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