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Video Project Description

Former Chicago Public Schools CEO and United States Secretary of Education, Arne Duncan pays a visit to Chicago Public Schools’ Bogan High School. The video starts with a quote on a title card from him, “You’re really onto something here.” The purpose of this video is to inform others about the success of the Saga Innovations Program – testimonials are shared from students, teachers, tutors, and Arne Duncan himself.

Bogan’s new tutoring program, Saga Innovations, gives students the opportunity to receive tutoring during school hours, every single day. Every tutor only works with two students at a time, giving them individualized educational attention that they are not able to get anywhere else.

Students give their thoughts and opinions about the Saga Innovations Program. Every student speaks positively about their growth in the classroom and as individuals. “If I work harder I can achieve it, and do it,” – a student explains Saga helped her realize this.

Teachers talk about the positive impact Saga has on the school and the parents of the students. A teacher talks about how Saga allows parents to celebrate their child’s achievements in the classroom, bringing “a sense of pride for the kids, and a source of pride for the parents.”

A Saga tutor is interviewed for the video as well, he reminds everyone watching that students are human too. As important as learning is, he says it is important to take the time to get to know students and listen to them in order to make learning a better experience for them. Students speak highly of their tutors saying, “He was like the father I never had.”

A camera followed the Secretary of Education throughout the day at Bogan High School. B-Roll of the outside of the school is taken, as well as shots of students, teachers, and the Secretary of Education walking through the hallways and working together in classrooms. The Secretary of Education gives a short speech inside of a classroom, celebrating the achievements of the students, teachers, and tutors at Bogan High School.

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