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Video Project Description

A sports videographer captures the heat of the action during a Lacrosse match in the Chicagoland area. Right from the stands, the single camera sports videographer shoots the two teams as they work the ball across the field. The ball changes players several time before a point is finally scored against the team wearing white. High definition, 60p video ensures that the action is clear and easy to see – perfect for the players to review after the game to improve their lacrosse skills. Audio footage captures the tension present in the crowd as the ball gets passed among the various players around the field. Audio can always be removed in editing and even replaced with music.

Vanilla Video can film any sporting event, from one game here and there to an entire season. Regardless of the size of an order, the results are the same. A professional sports videographer always arrives 30 minutes before any shoot is scheduled to begin. Once they set up their equipment – which includes a camera with a 10x zoom capability, they begin rolling. Within 7 days, the project is delivered online to the customer. Editing is always optional later on. A popular option for editing sports videography is to create a trimmed edit that removes all the extra raw footage from a game. Another thing coaches and teams like to do is create a montage highlight reel after the season is over. Regardless of a customer’s goals Vanilla Video is ready to handle their sports videography needs.

When it comes to filming sports, Vanilla Video is ready to go. Our professional sports videographers are passionate about what they do, especially when it comes to getting a sports game on film. They employ the same documentary style filming techniques used by videographers filming professional level games on television. This ensures every video is clear and crisp and the team can always use the video footage to improve their technique or remember a season full of memories.

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