ParkWhiz™ App Demonstration

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Video Project Description

With simple edits and slow moving video footage, this video explains exactly how to use ParkWhiz™, an app for finding, reserving, and paying for parking in advance. The video starts off with the ParkWhiz™ logo floating in the middle of a sleek kitchen, a woman’s purse sits on the kitchen counter. A woman enters the scene and begins to use the app on her smart phone on her way out the door. Text appears describing ParkWhiz™ ’s features.

The woman selects a parking spot through the app as she is leaving her apartment and begins driving to her destination. Even though the parking garage reads “FULL” she is able pass through the gates and park her since she has already booked with ParkWhiz™ . At the end of the day to leave the parking garage, all she has to do is open the app and scan her phone at the pay station.

This application demo video follows a user throughout the process of successfully using a prepaid parking app. This video takes place in downtown Chicago, where finding a parking spot is notoriously difficult. ParkWhiz™ shows that parking can be made simple, all with the press of a button. Their slogan even reads, “Click here. Park anywhere.” Since the application is all about making a complicated task simpler, it only makes sense to demonstrate it using as simple of a video as possible.

A simple video like this one was created by first planning and storyboarding all of the necessary shots. Once the shot list is created, the production team works together to ensure all the shots are captured. This video uses upbeat piano music in place of audio, keeping things interesting yet simple. Logos and text are added in the final stages of the editing process, resulting in an informative and concise demo video that anyone can understand.

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