ShopperTrak Past and Present Milestone Interview

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Video Project Description

For their 20th anniversary, the Chief Revenue Officer and Founder of ShopperTrak sit down together to talk about the changes the company has faced over the years. The Founder tells the story of how the company first started. ShopperTrak started as a division within an installation company. As time went on, the founder realized how incredibly valuable the data that ShopperTrak installations collected was. In 1995, they separated themselves from the installation company and became a data company. In fact, the founder is known as the father of the shopper tracking data industry.

At the end of the interview, the Chief Revenue Officer asks the Founder to share a funny story from the early days. The Founder immediately recalls “wearing many hats” in the beginning and recalls a time where he physically helped with in-store installations. At one particular grocery store installation, the Founder and his crew found themselves without a ladder or enough time to finish the install on time. After some quick thinking, the duo came up with a solution – a grocery cart.

The Founder also shares some feel good content about the company. He spends time recognizing the entire team, especially those who have been with the company for 17 years. He talks about their love for the service, and the hours they put in to make their customers happy. This video celebrates all the strengths and accomplishments of ShopperTrak in their twenty years of business.

This video was taken in a nicely decorated showroom, featuring ShopperTrak data on screens behind the speakers. Both the Founder and the Chief Revenue Officer are dressed in business casual, and fit in with the scenery the video takes place in. Using two-cameras for this shoot allows for a variety of angles to be used throughout the video.

Graphics editing includes animated text in the title card, giving the video a friendly vibe right from the open. A transparent logo appears at the bottom right hand corner for the duration of the video, the speakers are also introduced with blue name plates that flash across the screen as they begin to speak.

This interview video was shot for the 20th anniversary of ShopperTrak – a huge milestone for any company. Taking the time to reminisce and record during milestones typically won’t bring a huge effect to a company’s bottom line, however this video allows ShopperTrak and their customers to go back in time whenever they decide to watch it. It’s not a home video, however watching and looking back on a corporate video can still bring that sweet nostalgic feeling – especially for employees who have worked at a place for almost as long as it’s been around.

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