Ethnic Wedding Dance Ceremony

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Video Project Description

Vanilla Video films all kinds of weddings, here is a dance ceremony from an ethnic wedding ceremony we filmed in the Chicagoland area. The groom performs a dance for his bride, as well as their family and friends. He is confident and excited, and he knows all the moves! Towards the end of the video, we see one of his guests join in and everyone begins to laugh.

Weddings are such a special time, not only for the newlyweds – but for their family and friends. Everyone comes together to celebrate the young couple’s love and their promise to each other. Regardless of culture, there is a lot to celebrate! Getting it all on video means everyone can always look back on their favorite memories. They can see how they looked like when they were younger, what it was like to be at the event, who had children and how old they were… Videos allow people to be nostalgic and remember a special event or memory.

Video captures all of the sights and sounds at an event. In this video, any viewer can feel the energy present in the room even though not all of the guests are visible. Everyone claps and cheers along to the music and the dancing. The music can be heard in the background. The groom’s beaming smile is infectious, and he looks joyful on his wedding day.

Regardless of what we are filming, Vanilla Video delivers every second of raw footage we capture. Our documentary filming style allows customers to look back and see the day just as it happened. You get to see those unplanned, candid moments that truly make the day special and memorable. We ensure every shot in Vanilla Video raw footage is viewable, cleanly shot, and usable in editing. Of course, wedding montages can always be made from all of this raw footage. Some couples choose to do it right away, but several families order a wedding montage years after their wedding date.

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