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Video Project Description

Many employees look forward to attending annual industry conferences where they have the opportunity to learn from experts as well as network with colleagues from around the country and the world. Companies often host events inviting their customers to participate as an opportunity to thank them for their business as well as make important industry-related announcements. Events like these oftentimes feature awards ceremonies and product unveilings or launches that all attendees find valuable and exciting.

Whether they talk about the event or the company hosting the event as a whole – these types of events provide valuable opportunities to get customer testimonials on camera. As they speak, the video shows various moments throughout the course of the event. Vanilla Video filmed the entire event and also interviewed attendees for testimonials. In the editing phase, we chose inspirational and upbeat music to play behind the footage and customer testimonial audio.

A montage is just one way to use raw footage taken from an event. With any amount of raw footage, there are several options for any of our customers. We can always cut together a new video using existing footage or mix footage from different events based on the message a customer would like to convey. In this case, we created a montage providing a general overview of the event. This montage is great to share with attendees as well as with potential attendees for next year’s event.

Regardless of a customer’s goals prior to ordering video coverage for their upcoming event – Vanilla Video always recommends filming as much as possible, and worrying about the editing in the future. While we can make suggestions based on whether video will be used for internal training purposes or external marketing purposes – we do not expect our customers to come to us with a clear plan for their montage until the event occurs. Of course, we can work with as much direction as a customer is willing to provide, however due to the versatility of our services, we can always take direction while editing and even use footage to create several videos with different goals or purposes.

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