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Video Project Description

This video is an example of a longer testimonial provided by a client’s partner. In this case, RedCanoe™ supplies a drinking water system to The Exercise Coach, a personal training studio located in Palatine and Libertyville, Illinois. An owner of The Exercise Coach introduces herself and her business. She talks about how The Exercise Coach solves fitness problems for their clients. The first seconds of the video appears to be a brand film for The Exercise Coach rather than for RedCanoe™.

Once she introduces RedCanoe™, it is easy to see why the owner of The Exercise Coach spent the time introducing her business first. She states, “Our goal is to give our clients the best possible workout there is, that’s where RedCanoe™ comes in.” This shows that RedCanoe™ makes the overall experience at The Exercise Coach better – which is exactly what every company wants from their vendor partners.

After this introduction, the RedCanoe™ testimonial truly begins. The Exercise Coach owner hits a variety of reasons about why RedCanoe™ is great for their business. She states that it is cost effective, easy to install, and it comes in unlimited supply. The owner of the exercise studio loves that her company is placed on a yearly filter replacement schedule, eliminating an extra detail for her to worry about.

Testimonials in any format are key pieces of content for every business to have on their website and beyond. This testimonial serves a specific purpose – not only to share information about why RedCanoe™ works for The Exercise Coach, but to endorse them and their system to others. This testimonial video is longer and allows the customer to give really specific details about her company’s experience with RedCanoe™. With video, she proves that RedCanoe™ is the right solution for her fitness studio. Not only does the unit match their equipment, it also provides higher quality drinking water than the bottled water the studio was providing to customers prior to signing up with RedCanoe™.

Video testimonials can appear in a variety of formats, some companies chose to gather customer feedback during special events. Other companies dedicate a special shoot just to record their customers talking about their business. This testimonial is unique in that it is very specific – one customer spends the entire time talking about why RedCanoe™ works for them. The reasons provided are all benefits that RedCanoe™ services offer to all of their clients, however this video gives them living proof.

While there is no direct call to action included in the video, an outro card includes valuable information for customers to learn more about RedCanoe. With video, graphics and text can always be used to communicate something without directly saying it out loud. This video allows RedCanoe to inform potential customers about what it is like to work with them and invites them to learn more right at the end of the video.

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