Chicago High School Football Sports Videography Touchdown

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Video Project Description

This play starts at the 50-yard line. The quarterback hands off the football to the running back number 15 who takes it all the way to the end zone scoring a point for the blue and white team. Even though the action is fast and dynamic, Vanilla Video captured it all in high definition, 60p. Shooting in this style ensures that the blur is minimal and the viewer can see all of the action on video, no matter who is watching.

Video is a huge tool for athletes and coaches alike, regardless of level. Coaches use video to show players their strengths and weaknesses in the context of a real game. There is no other way to see this information for themselves without watching recorded footage. Players often hear the same directions from their coach time and time again, but they take action after seeing themselves on screen.

While footage should be collected throughout a season for educational purposes, putting together a montage at the end of the season is easy and always fun to watch. Sports season montages are enjoyed by parents, coaches, and players alike – they encompass all of the high tension moments throughout the season. Players are able to reminisce while watching with their teammates as well as their family and friends.

Footage from real games is also valuable to include in recruitment demo videos for college sports programs. Shots of a single athlete showing their technique and sportsmanship are definitely important aspects to include in a recruiting video, however showing a player in action during an actual game allow talent scouts to understand the player’s strengths and weaknesses when put to the test during a game.

Vanilla Video believes in capturing life’s simple moments. While football games seem like a huge deal to players in high school, as time goes on and life gets in the way things definitely change. Many adults fondly remember their high school years, even if they dreaded high school as a teenager. Having footage and photographs to look back on allows for parents and their children to indulge those nostalgic moments as they occur throughout life.

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