Sword Cake Cutting Ceremony Chicago Wedding Video

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Video Project Description

A creative couple cuts their wedding cake with a real sword. They both hold the sword together as they cut the top portion of their wedding cake in half. Definitely a creative approach to the cake cutting tradition, this couple will be able to look back fondly on this memory from their wedding day.

While most weddings follow similar timelines, every couple is different and special in their own way. Putting your own spin on a wedding tradition adds to the fun of the day, and always makes for good family video watching later.

When we film a wedding, we deliver all of the raw footage that we gathered throughout the day. That could mean hours of footage. With Vanilla Clips, we cut out the most memorable parts of the day so you can fast forward to your favorite moment easily. They are also easy to share anywhere online.

Regardless of how long or how much you film – when it comes to your wedding day, we tell our customers to just film it. Editing and montages can always be ordered later on down the road. Once your wedding is over, it is over – all that is left at the end of the day are memories. With video, couples can remember every moment – from the traditions to the candid moments between the bride and groom and their guests.

All of our video services come with professional sound. When we film a wedding we always capture audio from two sources and mix them in the editing process for the cleanest sound possible. During the wedding ceremony, we clip a lavalier microphone onto the groom or the officiant and use a different mic for everything else.

Many videography companies simply sell short wedding montages featuring various moments of the day. While stylistically – less is more, we believe that when it comes to filming your wedding – more is more. With more video coverage, it’s possible to capture all of the candid moments throughout the day. Typically Vanilla Video gathers 30-50% of Coverage Time in raw footage. That means ordering 4 hours of videography means you will have 1-2 hours to watch later on.

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