Chicago West Loop Commercial Real Estate Property Listing Video

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Video Project Description

This montage depicts a commercial property located in the bustling Chicago West Loop Neighborhood. A Videographer used a slider tool to create steady and long range pans of the entire space at a variety of angles. The videographer even captured the outside view from within by playing with the exposure and turning off the lights inside the building. While a business owner might not be able to make a final purchasing decision without seeing the space in person, a video like this one makes the process a lot easier for someone searching for a new location for their business.

While many of our real estate customers typically deal with residential listings, our videography is suitable for any property. While these are simple videos, they do not have to be boring. Creating a montage from footage taken for a real estate listing video makes it more interesting and fun to watch, however including creative shots can also help. While it took some experimenting, we chose to include a shot of the view outside not only to include a crucial detail, but also to introduce a cool effect.

Real estate listing videos should not be dull, in fact they should speak the language of the clients they are hoping to attract. An open floor plan office space in the building of an old warehouse screams “Hip Location for your Start-Up.” A video without music or those smooth, steady pans of the location would not do the space justice. It would hurt the real estate company’s credibility online and turn off potential customers. Investing in a video for a property means always having a sleek way to show off any space, even when a property management firm needs to get a new tenant in a short amount of time. Once we film a video, the raw footage belongs to the customer, and can always be edited in the future.

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