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Video Project Description

Vanilla Clips make it easy to fast forward to the most memorable parts of a couple’s wedding day. This clip shows a couple’s first dance. Vanilla Video focused closely on the couple’s faces throughout this special moment, especially since the rest of the guests are socializing with each other. This intimate moment at a wedding is a special time for couples, they are able to gaze into each other’s eyes and sway along to a song that is meaningful to them. They are able to have a rare conversation in a day that is full of greeting, thanking, and talking with other people. This sample is a great example of how Vanilla Video is able to capture the most intimate moments, regardless of what is happening around them.

Vanilla Video captured this intimate moment with multi-camera videography. During special moments like these, our videographers communicate to each other about their roles. The primary camera is responsible for taking safer shots that ensure all of the action gets on video, while the secondary camera takes close-up, artistic shots. In editing, both sources of video are combined together, with the secondary camera shots cutting in to the primary camera action. Multi-camera videography is the best way to capture candid, intimate, unplanned moments at any special event.

We recommend that every couple choose the multiple camera option for their wedding, as it allows for much more footage to watch and enjoy in the future. During big events throughout the day, multiple cameras are able to capture several angles simultaneously. One of those special moments includes walking down the aisle – a single camera cannot capture the bride and the groom at the same time. With multiple videographers, it is possible to capture the bride and groom and their guests at once. When we cut the footage together, we are able to pull in a variety of shots and dynamic angles to bring every detail to life even after the day is over.

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