Chicagoland Girls’ Soccer Video Clip and Slow Motion Playback

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Video Project Description

Vanilla Video follows all the action in this girls’ soccer game in the Chicagoland area. We can see all the players of both teams working hard to get the ball into the opposing goal. Our 10x zoom capable camera allows the videographer to capture close-up shots so every player is seen clearly. The High Definition 60p footage also helps minimize blur even when the action-level is high.

The video ends with an intense race to the goal – a girl head kicks the ball towards the goal, unfortunately the goalie blocks the shot. Even though she missed the goal, this part of the video can be watched over and over again to analyze technique, or just to remember an intense moment in a childhood soccer game. The video ends with a slow-motion replay, allowing coaches and players to zoom in and analyze specific moments throughout the match, down to the second.

Video is an incredible tool for a variety of reasons. Coaches can use videos to train their teams. Watching a video typically makes a huge difference in a team’s performance, as they are able to visualize directions they receive from their coach. Coaches can collect a variety of videos to use for years to come, making examples out of plays and good shots for future teams to learn from. Parents love video because they want to remember those childhood years forever. Video makes it easy to look back and remember what it is like to have young kids on the soccer field, even after their children go away to college or move away from home.

Vanilla Video always shoots documentary style in order to prevent the need for heavy editing – that way athletes can watch a recording as soon as within a week after a game. Editing can always be done later on, to create a montage of season highlights or to string together key concepts players need to remember before heading into a state championship. Vanilla Video can take as much or as little direction as a coach, parent, or player would like to give. We have created hundreds of videos for sports, whether you want to collect shots for a sports montage to remember, a recruiting video to get onto the college basketball team, or just want to increase athletic performance on your team – Vanilla Video can film it for you.

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