Varsity Basketball Rebound Shot Slow Motion Video Edit

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Video Project Description

After Vanilla Video films a basketball game, we can always go back to specific moments and make cuts, trims, or include a slow motion edit of any play. We are here to make the video as useful as possible to coaches and their teams – it is not uncommon for coaches to send us a list of shots they would like clipped out of raw footage and slowed down for closer review. We know that coaches watch every game very closely, and do not want to wait to receive raw footage before submitting editing requests. We want to make the process easier for every coach and player and can take as much or as little direction as coaches, players, or parents are willing to provide.

When it comes to improving techniques for the next game, Vanilla Video understands the time sensitive nature of a team receiving their raw footage after a game. We typically return raw footage within a week of filming, and any edits shortly after. Should a coach, player, or team require further editing after reviewing the original raw footage and clips – we are happy to help to create tools that work to improve your team. We film with your goals in mind, so we welcome direction should you choose to provide it. We have the tools and training necessary to change angles, be mobile and work with coaches to capture individual players throughout a game.

Our professional sports videographers truly love every sport, and they enjoy working with teams to create professional videos that work for them. Our videographers come trained and equipped with gear that results in high quality video that is easy to watch and share online. Every sporting event is filmed in high definition, 60p – a higher frame rate that eliminates blur and ensures a clear picture. Our cameras are also capable of 10x zooms – so even if we’re up in the bleachers we can get a nice shot every time.

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