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Video Project Description

Every nonprofit organization faces challenges when it comes to fundraising. While many rely on regular donors for larger annual gifts, they still work to expand their reach and increase their funds year after year. The key is gaining awareness and retaining it year after year. In this case, a church has an emergency need for funding – a damaged roof that seriously needs repairs. To raise awareness for their dire financial needs, St. Andrew parishioners made a parody of the song “Rain Drops Falling on My Head,” and called Vanilla Video to record and edit together a promotional video for sharing on social media and in e-mail newsletters.

Heading fundraising can be a daunting position – you have to be money-minded as well as creative. Savvy with promotion and marketing skills, yet super budget-conscious. At Vanilla Video, we are prepared to create promotional videos for any budget. High-end productions are not necessary for small projects – it’s surprising how much we can get out of thirty-ninety minutes of filming time. Time spent in the editing room does add to the cost of a promotional video, but having a plan in mind prior to calling Vanilla Video allows us to better help you and stick within your budget.

To create this fundraising video, Vanilla Video filmed a variety of shots with a single camera. For a clear sound we used the microphone feature attached to every one of our cameras. Editing involved stringing footage of b-roll as well as people singing their parts together. Should budgets allow, intro and outro cards with logos and other information can be edited in using motion or static graphics.

What makes this an effective fundraising video is that it sheds light on a problem while inspiring action. While it doesn’t leave viewers in tears, a viewer can see that the church needs help and funding. The fundraising video allows a variety of parishioners to get involved, we see young ladies, and a young man, some parishioners dressed as construction workers, the priest, and even a Kindergarten classroom. The video shows the variety of people affected by the damaged roof. While regular church attendees contribute and understand the church’s problem – this promotional video reaches those that might not know what is occurring at St. Andrew’s.

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