High School Boys Lacrosse College Recruitment Video

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Video Project Description

Many athletes work hard in their sport, not only for passion and love of the game, but in hopes to win an athletic scholarship to save on rising costs of college education. Putting together a professionally filmed and edited recruitment video is easy with Vanilla Video. With anything from a season’s worth of footage to a couple of recorded games – Vanilla Video can make a professional college recruitment video for any sports.

For college recruitment videos we typically edit together a series of clips that is no longer than five to six minutes. College coaches are busy people and they are typically flooded with recruitment videos every single day. We make sure that your recruitment video will stick out by including your best moments and using editing to make watching your video easier. We always start the video with a title card including your name, position, and number. If necessary we will take out any audio to keep the attention on you and your performance rather than the noise in the video. Another thing we think is very important to do is pause each play and highlight the player with a red circle before continuing to show the rest of the play. This makes sure the coach can see you throughout the entire play, without having to pause and rewind and look for you amongst the action on screen.

When we film sports videography, we always film in high definition 60p. This means that you won’t look blurry and all of the action will appear clearly and visibly no matter who is watching. We deliver all of our videos in an easy, watchable link, the video can be watched directly from our online viewer or downloaded and watched offline. Regardless of how you watch, it’s always fast and easy and there won’t be a noise of advertisement and other videos on screen.

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