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Video Project Description

This video starts with a strong voiceover that inspires viewers in the target market to take action, “In order to propel your career, you have got to be clear on what you bring and what you need.” This audio can be heard while the video shows an enlarged logo on a white screen.

The video goes on to share more advice from industry leaders. Leaders are shown speaking in front of groups of other professionals. Title cards state names, positions, and companies of every speaker – strengthening Brand U’s authority with every speaker. The video also includes testimonials from seminar attendees – they share information about what they liked and what they were able to take away from the 2-day, boot camp style career coaching event.

Dynamic music throughout the video upholds that sense of inspiration that the video opened with. Every speaker hits key points that are important to professionals who want to get the most out of their careers. Every speaker shown, whether they are attendees or instructors, come from large, well-known companies. This gives every viewer watching the chance to consider that Brand U must be the place to get knowledge, to learn from other professionals, and to network with people in large companies.

This event / testimonial video is effective in not only describing the typical goings-on at a Brand U Career Coaching event, but gives professionals watching the video that push without directly stating a call to action. The video ends with another title card featuring the Brand U logo, but also includes a website where viewers can find more information about events in their city. The speakers are clear, cool, and confident. They know what it takes to move up in a professional career, and Brand U Events is where any professional can go to learn the skills necessary to move up.

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