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Video Project Description

This cinematic event video montage combines event footage, interviews, as well as voice overs with inspirational music that motivates any viewer who comes across this video. Vanilla Video captured the passion and excitement of several teachers present at the conference, as well as dynamic clips of speakers at the event. The use of a cinematic camera brings an artistic effect to every shot, without the need of special effects and editing. While creating a montage involves stringing a series of shots and clips together, our editors are able to focus on selecting clips rather than beautifying shots. Our documentary style filming approach allows Vanilla Video to gather a variety of shots and footage to create dynamic montage videos our of event coverage footage like this one.

Filming an event can be useful for a variety of ways. Event planners can use footage of the entire event when assessing the success of their conference. They can also use it to determine any changes that can be made for future or similar events that they are working on planning. They can choose to share footage with main speakers and venues to share on their own websites and social media channels, allowing for an easy way to build a visible network online. When partners at a conference share each other’s content – they work together to spread their message to a larger number of people.

This video works great for advertising purposes as well as showing a following what they might have missed at the event. It can even be cut down to focus on bite size clips of a single teacher speaking or giving a testimonial. The teachers sharing their stories about why they teach is inspiring, regardless of who is watching. Should a new video need to be created, raw footage from this event and others can always be editing to create brand new, fresh content without having to capture additional footage.

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