Man on the Street with American Crew

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Video Project Description

Here is what a typical man on the street interview looks like. This one takes place at an Expo related to men’s shaving techniques and products. A host spends a minute or so talking Patti, an American Crew International All Star. Not only does she describe what her title entails, but also explains what her role is at the event. She talks about her demonstration, where she completed a straight-razor shave following the 14-Stroke Method while using American Crew products to accomplish the perfect shave. The host asks one final question, allowing Patti to talk more about American Crew’s shaving products.

This clip is only a sample of the man on the street interviews captured at this Men’s Shaving Expo. Man on the Streets are a great way to capture a variety of information about what is happening at an event. In this sample, the audience learns more about American Crew as well as what is taking place at the expo. A video like this one can be used at the end of a single day at a multi-day event or conference to send as a recap to all attendees or in the future for marketing purposes. Man on the street videos allow for a variety of information to be gathered from one or more people in less than a minute. Stringing together multiple interviews can give organizers and potential attendees alike valuable insight about the event. Event organizers can watch footage from the event to help plan more expos in the future, while attendees can make decisions about what they want to learn or what they hope to take out of an event from the future. It is also a great way to share content with attendees and sponsors online.

There are several ways to gather and edit footage at events. Filming events can be extremely valuable in planning, connecting, and advertising for the future. Videos help event organizers jog their memory and train staff unfamiliar with prior events. They are also useful in educating potential attendees about what they can expect to learn or bring back from spending their time at an expo like this one. Additionally, they can show event sponsors or demonstrators the exposure they should expect to gain by participating. Regardless of subject matter, video for event purposes is always useful and versatile for years to come.

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