Live Recording Folk Music Video in a Chicago Bar

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Video Project Description

This folk band found an interesting venue to shoot their music video. Since the bar was empty, they used this project as an opportunity to create a video out of a live recording. We love it when entrepreneurs are able to use video to kill two birds with one stone. This multi-camera shoot includes a breadth of dynamic shots of the lead singer/guitar player as well as the band accompanying her.

We understand that musicians are widely creative in their profession, but we also know that they need to think like business people in order to promote themselves to their fans and to potential opportunities for gigs or deals. Video is necessary for music promotion. Many music fans use music videos hosted online to listen to their favorite songs and share them with their friends.

Professionally produced music videos are expensive to make, however with a little creativity and a great song – Vanilla Video can make a music video that makes promoting your band a little bit easier. This band found a bar with an old-timey look and dusty painted walls. They turned a pair of booths into a stage and performed their song while seated. Choosing a multi-camera option allowed for a variety of shots and a great deal of footage to create an artistic looking music video that aligns with the sound of their song.

When Vanilla Video works with artists to create a music video we consider ourselves members of your team. In this case, we helped the band position themselves in a way that made them look and sound great. Sounding professional is an important part of creating a music video – you cannot promote yourself if you don’t sound that great. Our professional equipment used for this video captured the entire band’s dynamic musical talent and their energy throughout the entire performance.

Regardless of your budget, getting your band on video is an important part of marketing your music brand. Vanilla Video is here to help you get started with your very first music video.

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