Vita Coco Behind the Scenes with Devin Hester Video Montage

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Video Project Description

Vanilla Video captured behind the scenes footage at a commercial photoshoot for Vita Coco featuring Devin Hester. We captured artistic footage and b-roll shots of photographers prepping for the shoot as well as zoomed in shots of the product, Vita Coco. We can see Devin getting prepped for the shoot with a make-up artist before finally standing in front of the backdrop with a football in hand to take photos. Devin is shown working with the photographers and reviewing photos after a couple of takes.

Not all videos need to be exciting, people come to us when they want to record what happens at a particular event. Our clear documentary style footage is great for any subject matter or purpose. Here, Vanilla Video simply captured what happened as it happened. We used a cinematic camera and edited all the raw footage shots together to create a short montage reel of what happened behind the scenes at the Vita Coco shoot.

In this video, fans of Devin Hester and Vita Coco alike can see what happens during an advertising photoshoot. Everyone involved appears to be enjoying their time working together. Even though sound has been replaced by an upbeat electronic song, we can see Hester’s personality shine throughout the video.

Raw footage from a photoshoot is a great way to remember what happened without having to look back at scribbled notes or through chains of emails. With raw footage, anyone can look back on an event and evaluate what went right and what should go differently next time. Material like this one also makes for great shareable footage both internally via email or employee portals as well as online with potential customers.

Creating a montage is possible for any video package covering at least two hours of footage. Vanilla Video montages feature voiceover when possible, as well as dynamic instrumental music selected from a vast library. Our editors choose creative, artistic shots captured throughout the day in order to present a video that truly showcases the look and feel of an occasion. In this case we see a high-profile athlete having some fun behind the scenes at an advertising campaign shoot for trendy drink, Vita Coco.

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