Green Screen In-Studio Rap Music Video

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Video Project Description

Vanilla Video is experienced in filming and editing using a green screen to enhance video productions. Using a green screen is an economical way to create a video that appears to be on-set or on a location when it isn’t. It eliminates the need to worry about weather or other obstructions such as crowds, traffic, etc. We invite customers to film in front of our screen right inside our office studio, or we can bring the equipment to a location that works for you.

This sample is purely raw footage in front of a green screen – this does not show what is meant to appear on the green screen in the final version of the video. This is a music video of a female rapper performing while accompanied by a recorded beats track. In the editing process, Vanilla Video can always incorporate recorded audio to ensure your music video sounds as professional as it looks.

Green screen is a useful tool for any video production that is limited on space, time, and budget. With green screen, any location can be transformed into a variety of scenes. While Vanilla Video does offer location scouting services to find a spot that works perfectly for any video, green screens allow customers to stay within their budgets. While green screens entered the market with cheesy capabilities and effects technological advances have turned green screens into a useful tool used by a variety of video professionals today.

When it comes to creating an effective video for promotional purposes or otherwise, Vanilla Video is ready to work with customers to create a solution that fits their specific needs. Green screen technology is a great option for when the unpredictable Chicago weather turns sour, or if a customer wants to add a fantasy or outlandish element to their video. With green screen technology, Vanilla Video can help transform even a messy office covered in stacks of paper into a pristine and professional backdrop. Regardless of what needs to get filmed, we are here to make it happen.

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