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Video Project Description

Connecting and using fitness trackers is a growing trend for people of all ages, however the start-up process can be discouraging for most customers. In this application demo – the actor explains how to connect and use the fitness tracker alongside a smart phone device. At every step, text appears on the screen to enhance the words spoken by the demonstrator.

Though applications exist to make life better and easier for the users that download them, it helps to have a little tutorial on how to use them. While many may find connected fitness tracking devices intimidating, watching a simple demo like this one could change their minds. While this fitness tracker is of a lesser known brand that may not be the first that comes to mind when people think about tracking devices, the speaker shows the various metrics the device tracks. Customers can see that though this isn’t one of the most popular and expensive tracking devices, it does all the same things as the name brand products.

A demo video like this one is perfect for targeting people in the market for fitness tracking devices, or even fitness-minded people. While many people value and prioritize their health, there is a group of people that do not see the value in splurging for an expensive fitness tracker. Instead they use free applications or simply the health function on their smart phone. A product like this is great for people that want to track their health with a wearable tracker without spending hundreds of dollars or more on a device.

Every customer facing message is an opportunity to reinforce your brand. Regardless of what your video is about, your brand is speaking directly to your customer. Every element of the video should follow your brand guidelines and strategy. This demo video does so by keeping things nice and simple, and using upbeat language throughout. At the end of the video, the speaker concludes with saying, “Congrats! You’re connected.” Little motifs like these are what create lasting brand impressions when customers view your videos.

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