High School Football Touchdown

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Video Project Description

A player catches a pass from across the field as the crowd cheers him on to the end zone. We can hear cheerleaders chanting “Defense! Defense!” The player runs as fast as he can and even makes it through an attempted tackle to score. At the end we see the scoring team congratulating the player and giving him pats on the back.

Vanilla Video sports videography captures every aspect of a game – from the sounds to the sights. Though extremely useful for improving technique and sportsmanship, videos make great memories, regardless of what age the athletes are. Parents love having videos to look back on as their children grow up, however in the digital age many parents have a hard time of preserving their memories properly. Even though everyone has a smart phone, it is difficult to record a game while cheering on your MVP. With professional sports videography by Vanilla Video, the entire game is caught on film and can be shared with everyone on both teams, family and friends, and always looked back on forever.

Many high school athletes and their parents come to us for help when making their college recruitment videos. A clip like this one would be a great fit for a recruitment video. We have created several compilation videos made of a series of clips that are easy for coaches to understand and watch. We understand what a recruitment video must contain in order for a coach to make their decision, as long as we have the footage we can make a recruitment video that works for any athlete. When it comes to your sports videography we can take any approach suitable for your needs. Whether you want to showcase a specific skill during warming up or highlight a particular play during a season Vanilla Video makes college football recruitment videos easily.

Regardless of an athlete’s needs – sports videography is always a fun way to remember being on a team. Vanilla Video has worked closely with several sports teams. We see all the hard work, the effort, and the great memories players, coaches, fans, and parents make on the field and the sidelines. While video is an incredible tool, we find capturing the memories is worthwhile and important too.

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