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Video Project Description

Vanilla Video shoots sporting events in a continuous fashion to capture as much action as possible. This typically results in a great deal of raw footage for the coach and players to sift through. To save the team time, we can always create a trimmed edit of the entire game. This means we cut out any breaks where players are not on the court. Trimmed edits allow coaches to analyze a game without having to forward through any pieces of footage where they might miss some action while scrubbing on their own.

Having a professional video of any sports game is an awesome tool for any coach and their team. This team ordered a multi-camera shoot for their basketball game – resulting in a great deal of footage. A trimmed edit of a multi-camera shoot allows coaches and players to watch a video featuring only the best angles of every second. The coach is able to fast forward to the teachable moments and emphasize techniques and concepts he wants his team to remember during practice, and during future basketball games. Of course, when customers order a trimmed edit we still deliver all of the raw footage. Should the coach want to scrub through each camera angle to see the entire game from both angles, they would be able to do so.

Multi-camera sports videography allows for a wider dynamic range of angles and shots. While sports videography can be pretty straightforward – videographers capture the action in a continuous fashion. However, this doesn’t mean there isn’t room for some cool shots. In multi-camera sports videography, one videographer is positioned on the bleachers and captures an overview of the action – each frame contains all of the players. The secondary videographer is positioned court-side and has the liberty to move around to grab different angles throughout the game, as the primary shooter will have the entire game at an overhead angle. Together, two videographers are able to capture the game from a variety of angles, giving the team more to work with in their review sessions.

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