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Video Project Description

This sample features multi-camera coverage of a live set performed by a cover band at a bar in the Chicagoland area. Vanilla Video editors combined shots from both cameras showing both musicians as they sing and play their parts in Snow Patrol’s famous single, “Chasing Cars.” The band’s rendition of the popular song is excellent and the video makes it clear that they are passionate about their music.

The audio used in the video is a live recording taken directly from the sound system at the performance. Especially at events featuring live music performances or speeches, Vanilla Video captures two sources of audio to ensure the final video sound just as professional as it looks. During set up time at a live performance shoot, multiple videographers work together to plan out the shots they are going to get. In this case, one videographer focused on the lead singer, while the other focused on the back-up singer and guitarist.

Both videographers zoom in on their respective subjects making for a dynamic and video mirroring the dramatic music performed by the group. Shots of both musicians performing together are also utilized throughout the video – multi-camera videography for live performances ensures a variety of shots are captured.

Multi-camera shoots allow for the option of one cinematic camera and one ENG broadcast camera. Using a cinematic camera makes it possible to obtain shots with a higher level of artistry and detail. In the editing process, footage from both cameras fits together seamlessly while giving the video an extra layer of detail.

Musicians use videos like these when presenting their work to a venue or posting their past performances online. For serious musicians, music videos are an important part of landing gigs and spreading their music online. Having a music video made out of past performances makes for an easy promotional tool and allows musicians to get their music in front of people without face to face meetings.

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