Sidelines Fun Friday Night High School Varsity Football Game Video

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Video Project Description

Coaches and players use professional sports videography to work on improving their skills as a team to win more games. When Vanilla Video comes to film a high school football games we make sure to capture as much action on the field as possible. There is more to high school football than performing on the field. They are teammates on the field, but friends and classmates off the field. They look forward to playing games every week. Playing on the football team is an important part of many high schooler’s lives.

Not everyone becomes a professional football player, but many students look back on their time as a high school athlete fondly. Looking back on a video like this one brings back nostalgia and fun memories of playing together and having a great coach that hyped them up before every game. They walk onto the field together, as a strong unit, a brotherhood, a family. The captain waves an American flag – they are about the play the sport this country is known for.

Capturing these memories while cheering the team on as a parent can be difficult. Using a handheld or cell phone to get the winning touchdown all while clapping and shouting is nearly impossible. When Vanilla Video comes to film a game, whether it’s toddler t-ball or the football state championship game, we try to get the fun team moments as well. At the end of a season, it’s easy to string together clips from games as well as moments on the sidelines before and after a game into a montage to remember the entire season.

High school only happens once, and while many dream of being on the football team – only a few make it to the varsity team their junior and senior years. As the students graduate high school, they leave their memories behind. With Vanilla Video, they can always take a peak to relive the glory days one more time.

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