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Video Project Description

A proud and loving son gives a speech at a holiday luncheon. The son talks about how his dad has been described by people that know him, and says he couldn't think of any other words to describe him himself. The son makes a joke and the audience laughs. Vanilla Video used single camera to capture this speech. Audio in the video is an overlay of a sound recording directly from the event.

Thinking back on the last several years of their lives, many people cannot recall giving a speech about someone or having someone give a speech about them. While it can be nerve-wracking or even a little embarrassing, speeches are rare moments where someone expresses their love and appreciation towards another person. Once someone gives a speech – it can only exist as a memory, or a fuzzy cell phone video that is difficult to hear.

Vanilla Video is here to provide future-proof video, making it easy to look back on those special occasions. Those moments someone never thought would happen in their entire life. We promise to remain vigilant to the truth while providing high quality video production services that are easy to order and enjoy. We create video for love, not for vanity. Watching a video should take viewers back to an exact moment in time, what they see should match what they remember. Our videos are meant to evoke nostalgia, regardless of what we are filming.

When it comes to filming any event, Vanilla Video videographers come prepared for just about anything. We want to make sure that your video sounds as good as it looks, which is why we come with just about any cord or microphone attachment possible. At any event, we try to get two sources of audio so that we can edit the best channel into the video prior to online delivery. Your memories are important to us, we are here to keep them real and keep them safe.

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