The Rehab Masters Chicago – The Un-Seminar on Flipping Houses

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Video Project Description

House flipping seminars are a common occasion in Chicagoland, however The Rehab Masters use something called the Un-Seminar to teach everyday people about flipping houses. In his training sessions Josh Buck, The Rehab Master actually takes people through a flipping property and teaches them how to flip houses without using a presentation screen in a hotel banquet hall.

This is a promotional video for Josh Buck’s Un-Seminar, where he teaches people to flip houses by showing them how the whole process actually works. He talks about all the different types of people a potential house flipper should expect to meet at his Un-Seminar events, including investors, lenders, real estate agents. Attendees at these Un-Seminar events will even learn how to negotiate contracts.

The video follows Josh and a group of future house-flippers through a property that needs a complete rehab. He shows everyone how to make decisions about what to change and fix within the house, and even lets them use spray paint to mark on the floor and walls.

Minimal editing in the video include intro and outro cards with The Rehab Masters logo and website. A variety of shots and angels were taken throughout the course of the shoot, allowing for the customer to see all the details of a house that needs some serious renovations.

For such an unconventional approach to the typical house flipping seminar, this video allows potential attendees to see what they should expect, not only from the seminar, but from flipping houses overall. The video shows shots of a variety of rooms, all of which need some serious work. The transparency allows a viewer to decide – is this really for me? Their doubts may deter them, or they may be able to see from the people present in the video, that just about anyone can learn flipping houses with Josh Buck.

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