Multicamera High School Basketball Professional Sports Video

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Video Project Description

Sports involve a lot of fast-paced action making it easy to miss crucial details in the way athletes play throughout the game. Using multicamera professional sports videography allows coaches and players to view the game from a variety of angles. Coaches can zoom in on problem areas and holes in the court, while also focusing on specific players strengths and weaknesses. Creating a dynamic range of footage is possible because of the way each camera shoots. The bleacher view camera typically pans across the entire court, broadly following the action from side to side. The videographer on the sidelines is able to zoom in to specific players as well as the ball as it is played. This videographer can take risks when filming and even grab some artistic shots of the ball as it enters the basket. These shots make watching the game more fun, and also make for more interesting edits for recruitment videos or season recap montages.

When Vanilla Video films sports we always film in high definition, 60p. We use a higher frame rate allowing us to nearly eliminate any blur across the screen, without affecting visibility of all the action. Our professional sports videographers have experience filming hundreds of games of a variety of sports. They are passionate about what they do and love to film in a way that mimics what many sports fans see on television. This makes videos especially fun for everyone to watch. While many parents and their kids take the sports they play seriously, the main goal of participating in sports is to have fun. Students make memories with new friends and classmates over the years they spend together in high school. Many will go on to college and fondly look back on their time on the team. Having all these memories on video allows parents and their kids to watch a memorable game and relive their glory days as a high school athlete.

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