Chicago Jazz Singer

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Video Project Description

Vanilla Video captured this live performance with a single camera. Sound for videos like this one can be used from a recording or taken directly from the event. In this case, the videographer plugged in to the sound system – that means the audio you hear is exactly how the performance sounded at the event.

The camera focuses on the singer throughout the entire song, without veering into any artistic shots of the musicians. Vanilla Video can work with little to no direction, in this case we were requested to keep our focus on the singer. Dimly lit spaces can prove to be challenging on camera, however the stage lighting in this space lit up the subject and appears well on screen.

In the video, a jazz singer performs her rendition of “Time Heals Everything” by Mack and Mabel. Her jazzy singing style takes the audience back in time to an era where jazz clubs where the place to be. The video begins with a clapping audience underscored by the low end of a piano keyboard and the bumping rhythm of a string bass. The singer wears a flashy dress that sparkles in the stage lights. The camera stays focused on the singer until the song ends – as the audience claps and the stage goes black, the video fades away.

Videos of live performances are useful for musicians and venues alike. A musician can use a video like this one as a promotional tool, as well as a way to look back on past performances. After watching this, the singer can make decisions about what she liked about her performance and what she would change for her next show. Collecting footage from live performances allows musicians to watch themselves improve, grow, and change over time. Venues can use videos or clips of live performances to share their latest news and promote upcoming shows.

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