Multi-Camera Wedding Video Ring Exchange

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Video Project Description

This multi-camera trimmed edit shows a bride and groom exchanging their rings as a symbol of their love and fidelity with each other. The officiant guides them in their words as they each place a ring on their partner’s finger. After the bride puts a ring on her groom’s finger – the officiant announces them as husband and wife and they exchange their first kiss. Since two videographers shot this ceremony together, we can see multiple angles throughout the video. At this wedding ceremony, videographers stood at either side of the church, gaining video showing the bride and groom’s faces. In the editing phase, raw footage from both cameras was cut together to create a seamless video showing a variety of angles throughout the ceremony and reception.

When it comes to filming a wedding, selecting multi-camera is the way to go. Multi-camera videography allows for more footage and ensures every special moment gets caught on camera. Using two cameras at a ceremony allows one camera to follow the bride as she walks down the aisle, as another camera captures the groom’s expression as he sees his beautiful bride for the very first time. Ordering a multi-camera video for your event means more footage to use for dynamic cut-ins. When videographers work on mutli-camera shoots, each videographer has a specific role. Typically one videographer is responsible for capturing a majority of the action, while the other works out the details with audio and gathers more of the artistic, candid, and b-roll shots. This eliminates confusion for them throughout the day and ensures that your wedding video looks and sounds great. Together, they collect as much footage as possible to create a beautiful video of your memorable day.

If you aren’t sure about using the multi-camera option for your wedding, a good rule of thumb is to use one camera for every 125 guests. If you’re getting close to going over budget – editing is always optional. We can wait to edit the raw footage until you are ready, which is a pretty common decision among our wedding videography customers. Regardless of the size of your wedding or your budget – we recommend getting part of your big day on film.

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