Amazing High School Football Intercepted Pass Sports Videography

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Video Project Description

This sports videography clip shows an intense interception that leads to an exciting catch into the end zone. Two defensive players attempt to intercept the football thrown from halfway across the field, a player catches the football in one hand. Though it looks like he may drop the ball at any moment but instead he lands right in the end zone with the ball still firmly in his hand.

It’s moments like this one where coaches, parents, and players alike are grateful for filming their football games. Football is full of unexpected and exciting moments. This video is proof of football history being made at one Chicagoland area high school, where fans and players go crazy after an intercepted pass. While video is an extremely useful tool, this video shows a fond memory in the making.

High school days are always fun to look back on, especially when winning touchdowns are involved. Though sports videography typically involves the cameras focusing on the action right on the field, Vanilla Video also captures the fun happening on the sidelines and in the stands. We do use a microphone when filming any sporting events to capture the cheering and reactions from the crowd.

While raw footage from exciting moments during sports games makes for fun opportunities to reminisce in the future, sports videography is an important tool for any athlete – especially those looking to get recruited into a college athletic program. Vanilla Video has made several college recruiting videos for a variety of sports and colleges in the past. As long as we have the footage we can cut together an edited montage of a specific player performing throughout the season. We can also edit in shots of the individual during practice sessions or even weight training. College coaches are interested in learning everything they can about a player’s approach to the sport and the game – Vanilla Video makes it easy.

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